New Patients Welcome Here

At the ADVANCED CHIROPRACTIC & REHAB CENTER , your health is our first priority. We understand the pain you may be in when coming to see us, so we have created a comfortable and relaxing environment for you. Our friendly and organized office staff will provide you with the right information and will be available for any questions.

As a new patient, here is some information on what to expect on your first day here. To correctly diagnose your injury or pain, we offer a FREE initial consultation.
We ask for the following on your first day:

* Fill out general paperwork
* Bring health insurance information
* Bring car insurance and claim number (#), if a car accident was involved

We then perform the following:

* Ask about the history of the injury
* Examination of injury including ranges of motion, neurological exam, orthopedic exam and palpatory exam
* Possible referral for imaging "X-Ray's, MRI's, etc."
* Do a report of findings based on the history, exam and imaging
* Come up with a treatment plan

As a car injury and work injury specialist , Doctor understands the importance that each case is different and that doing the proper examination is crucial in providing a appropriate treatment plan. By providing Chiropractic care and seeing various injuries in the Maryland, Washington and Virginia, you can be assured that you will be well cared for.

Call our office to schedule an appointment for an evaluation so you can start feeling better today!

Here is what you can expect at our facility:

Muscle Rehabilitation

Our elite know how in muscle mechanics and rehab can bring instant relief and stability

Skeletal Posture

We work to create a fine balance between ligaments, connective tissues, muscles and bone formation

Constant support

We provide long term care to enable constant improvement in your condition

State of the Art

Our state of the art facility uses the latest in technology and practices to ensure you get the best care

Decades of Experience

Our team and doctors bring decades of experience to you with consistent team support

Support network

We are part of a multi site network of Chiropractors across Maryland

Our Skills

We are highly skilled in patient assessment and creating a realistic road map to full recovery and maintenance. Our top patient categories are:

Accident Recovery




Long Term Care


Back and Neck Therapy


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